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CENTAM® Polyimide Tape

CENTAM® polyimide tape creates an unique proposition with its superior mechanical and chemical properties while maintaining its affordability.

CENTAM® polyimide tape exhibits :

• Excellent mechanical properties
• Good chemical resistance
• Very low creep
• High thermal stability characteristics

General operating conditions of CENTAM® polyimide tape can withstand up to 232°C of prolonged usage without affecting its mechanical and chemical properties.

CENTAM® polyimide tapes are available in caliper ranges from 1mil to 3mil thick.


CENTAR® Polyimide Tape

CENTAR® polyimide tape is a special polyimide tape coated with F46 (Teflon®) for superior release. The coating can be single sided or double sided. This tape exhibits similar excellent properties as the CENTAM® polyimide tape, with the added feature of easy release.

CENTAR® polyimide tapes are available in caliper ranges from 1mil to 3mil thick.


CENTSURE® Polyimide Tape

CENTSURE® polyimide tape is a special performance adhesion tape that uses the outstanding CENTAM® polyimide tape as its base substrate. CENTSURE® polyimide tape is suitable for applications with good bond strength and requires all the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of the CENTAM® polyimide tape.

CENTSURE® polyimide tapes are available with silicon or acrylic adhesive and in caliper ranges from 1mil to 2mil thick.


CENTSIL® Release Liner

• Release Liners
• General Release Liners
• Release liners with differential release force
• Antistatic Release Liners
• Colored Release Liners
• Fluorosilicone Release Liners
• Non-silicone Coated Release Liners


Please contact us for the detailed properties of our CENTAM®, CENTAR® and CENTSURE® polyimide tape range.



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